Monday, February 17, 2014


We reached out to friend and local musician Patrick Tsotsos of the band The Lucky Dutch and asked him what kind of stuff he is listening to at the moment. He quickly responded; The Frowning Clouds from Geelong, Australia! So we checked them out and really liked what we heard. We then set up a interview for Patrick with Nick, Zak, Daff, Jake and Jamie of the band and here is what was said...

Who creates your album artwork?
Whereabouts lp: Jason Galea, Propellers 7": John Waddell, All Night Long 7": We did it ourselves and Listen Closlier lp: Saturno Records organized it

What's your favorite pedal, guitar or piece of gear to use in the studio?
3 chorus pedals plugged in to each other. I really like tape tricks and the idea of doing all that stuff manually but its so expensive

What's next for TFC in 2014?
Probably eat some more raw broccoli and pig cheek & hopefully get another album out and maybe more. We did some overdubs today on new recordings so hopefully it's all usable and fushional. We're trying to tee up another Euro tour with our Spanish cohorts around mid year.

What's the most ridiculous thing to happen to you guys so far on tour?
We played a show at a brothel, Daff got naked and started playing a guitar solo between his uncovered thighs and a stripper fainted.

Marry, fuck or kill:  Anita Pallenberg, Francoise Hardy, Pattie Boyd.
Kill em all. and anita twice. then get down with keith serge and george and be a toy boy for the rest of life

What's your dream gig, and what two bands would you have share the stage with you?
The Kinks and The Monks are probably the two bands that all 5 of us rate unbeatable.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?
Once a $100 support band, always a $100 support band.

Make sure to check out the new album "Whereabouts" from The Frowning Clouds via Anti Fade in Australia and Saturno in Spain.  

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